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Duty Done: Rusty Leith AM DFC

Colin Russell Leith AM DFC (1922-2010) was a multi-national man. He was born in tropical Fiji, he trained to be a fighter pilot in the frozen wastes of Canada, he flew Spitfires into battle over England, he was an ‘evader’ in German-occupied France and he was honoured for his community work in Australia. Duty Done is his story. Available on Amazon.

WW2TV is a website hosted by Adam’s friend, Paul Woodadge, a noted historian of the Normandy campaign.

Before everyone had a TV, the radio was the primary source of entertainment for the family. At the Old Radio World website you can download and listen to all manner of radio shows from the 1930s, 40s and 50s, including broadcasts from the Second World War.

At the Old Time Radio archive you can search for thousands of radio shows and broadcasts across the years. You can listen to over 100 speeches by Winston Churchill, over 200 reports and sound files from 1944 or search for anything else that interests you.